Legal Information


Galerie des Ocres - Chantal Pottier
Le Castrum - 84220 Roussillon - France

Tél. : +33.4 90 05 62 99 - Site : - E-mail :

Siret : 400 316 733 00015 - APE : 4779Z


The Collection of Personal Information

Galerie des Ocres collects personal information only to provide service to the customer as outlined by the on-line form.  The customer should only give such information as required by the online form. None of the information given will be collected, forwarded, exchanged or sold without the express, written permission of the customer.

The entire website, including all text and pictures, is the sole property of Galerie des Ocres.   Any reproduction, even partial, is illegal and damages will be pursued in the French Court in Avignon, France.

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