Idka busy painting one of its wonderful Impressionist paintingsWho is Idka

"Idka has the talent of treating most different subjects ; crowds in the night, very elaborate characters, scenes of Paris, Honfleur or elsewhere with two notions that are very often opposed in other painter’s works ; power and sensitivity. This born expressionist knows,- when necessary-, to simplify the sensations that the visible world exposes constantly to her alert eye. Her range is of great generosity."

René Barotte


"As a painter of a light that is both interiorized, vibrant, exploding and sovereign, the light dominates vigorous material, both rich, with a strong presence, bold in its mixtures and consistence. Her figurative expression is neither descriptive nor imitative, but inspired by a poetic impulse. Idka’s work offers to amateurs real large scale pictorial joys, an original and insisting flavor for all senses."

Robert Vrinat



1928 Born in Istanbul (Turkey).

1931 Arrival in Paris.

1939 In Paris during .the war and the occupation, studies at the "Lycée Hélène Boucher" until 1944

1944 The Turkish government recalls his nationals.
Idka takes the first part of the "Baccalauréat" at the Lycée of the French consulate in Istanbul.

1946 At the end of the war, she return to Paris, and succeeds in the second part of the "Baccalauréat".
At first interested in drawing, she start by taking a technical course at the "Ecole Duperré", but it is painting which is her real vocation.

1947 She registers at the "Académie Jullian", where she is the "Prix de Rome" Pierre Jérome's pupil.
He initiates her into composition, perspective, and the technique of oil painting.

1949 Marriage in Paris. Gets the French nationality. Birth of her first daughter, who inspires her "Maternities".

1951 Anxious to go further into her personal style, she leaves the "Académie Jullian".
Never the less she keeps attending "the grande chaumière" regularly.

1955 For the first time she exhibits at the "Salon de la jeune peinture" and at the " salon d'automne".
The New-York art dealer G. Meyer notices her and buys a great number of her paintings.
From then on she regularly exhibits at the "Salon d'automne" and at "Les indépendants", and for many years
at the "Nationale des beaux arts" and at the "Salon de la jeune Peinture", at the time of Taylor, Thomson, Rebeyrolle.

1958 Birth of her second daughter, who deeply influences part of her works.
she gets acquainted with Tina and marcel Guillet. Since then she regularly exhibits at their gallery.

1959 She gets the "Prix International Neumann" and exhibits at the "Galerie Art Vivant" in Paris, along with all the winners of the "Prix de peinture" of the year.
The "Gallerie Romanet", avenue Matignon, gets interested in her and shows her works, next to Yanked and Coutelas.
At this place, the actor Yul brynner buys the "Anemones".

1960 She wins the "Prix Othon Friesz".

1961 The Paris council buy the painting "Cadaquès".
The "Galerie Romanet" organizes her first personal exhibition at the "Galerie Transposition" in paris.



1949 - 1954 Académie Jullian - Paris
  Académie de la Grande Chaumière - Paris



1959 Prix International Neumann

1960 Prix Othon Friesz

1961 - 1971 Achat Ville de Paris

1967 Achat Ambassade des États-Unis à Paris

2011 Prix Maxime Suan Fondation Taylor

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